Aug 14
Agriculture minister Prattipati Pulla Rao


Jun 11
Check-dam on Ogeru Vagu in Purushothama Patnam

We can have one meter hight of "Check-dam" in purushothama patnam.

  1. The check dams retain excess water flow during monsoon rains in a small catchment area behind the structure.
  2. Pressure created in the catchment area helps force the impounded water into the ground.
  3. The major environmental benefit is the replenishment of nearby groundwater reserves and wells.
  4. The water entrapped by the dam, surface and subsurface, is primarily intended for use in irrigation during the monsoon and later during the dry season, but can also be used for livestock and domestic needs.
  5. Help to increase soil moisture and vegetation; reducing erosion; and possibly reducing damage from flash floods.
  6. The first is to provide direct irrigation when rains fail and the second is to facilitate the recharging of surrounding wells through percolation of water from check dams.
  7.  Additionally they also provide water for other purposes such as bathing, washing clothes, and drinking water for animals.
Jun 09
Shri Pattipati Pulla Rao sworn as a minister of Andhra Pradesh


Jun 04
Are you proud to tell your bith place is as a 'Chilakaluripet'?

​1.What is the original name before name of 'Chilakaluripet'?

2.Is there any student from chilakaluripet can able tell her home town name?

3.Why every one laughs when they hear our home town is Chilakaluripet?

4.Why do we hide our own identity?

5.What is the solution? Can we go back to our town original name "Purushothama Patnam"?

6.Who can or will change the name?​

May 29
Mr.Pulla Rao birthday wishes from Vidadala Lakshmi Naryana and Gopi

Pulla Rao Birthday.jpg

May 17
Vidadala Gopi congratulates Mr.Pattipati Pulla Rao over poll success


Guntur District TDP President Mr.Pattipati Pulla Rao and Vidadala Gopi greets his partyment following a good show in the Assembly and Parliament elections in Chilakaluripet on Friday.

May 12
New record in the Andhra Pradesh History

​Vidadala Lakshmi Narayana won the municipal councilor seat in 26th Ward in chilakaluripet municipality as a independent candidate with a majority of 844 votes in Andhra Pradesh history, Sri.Lakshmi Naryana set a new record in the books.

May 07
Andra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Debates: 06-03-1963

​[6th March, 1963] Oral Answtrs to Questions 335


* 756 (2708) Q.— Sri Pillalamarri Venkateswarlu:  Will the hon. Minister for Excise and Prohibition be pleased to state :

(a) when the Government sanctioned house-sites to the 80 families of Lambadies in Purushothampatnam village, Chilakaluripet taluk, Guntur district ; and

(b) whether it is a fact that the order sanctioning house-sites was later cancelled ?

The Minister for Excise and Prohibition (Sn M. R. Appa Rao) : (a) and (b) No house-sites were actually sanction-ed. But proceedings started under the Land Acquisition Act to acquire land to provide house sites to 80 families of Lambadies were subsequently withdrawn for want of

May 05
Chandrababu speech in Chilakaluripet road show

Telugu Desam Party supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu received a rousing welcome from party cadre and sympathisers at Purushothama Patnam in Chilakaluripet constituency on Monday afternoon.







May 01
More 50 Thousand Animals sold for meat

According to Guntur District Collector records dated13.08 2010. More than 41580 animals per year traded in Mr.Mallela Satyanarayana Private Shandy.

The Shandy is successfully running more than 26 years.​​


​​Rules 47 to 56 shall apply to the transport by rail or of cows, bulls, bullocks, buffaloes, yaks and calves (herein after in these rules referred to as (cattle). ​

​​Rule 47  ​

a) A valid certificate by a qualified veterinary' surgeon to the effect that the are in a fit condition to travel by rail or road and are not suffering from any infectious or contagious or parasitic disease and that they have been vaccinated against rinderpest and any other infectious or contagious or parasitic diseases shall accompany each consignment. ​

b) In the absence of such a certificate, the carrier shall refuse to accept the consignment for transport. ​

c) The certificate shall be in the form specified in Schedule-E. ​

Rule 48

​​Veterinary first-aid equipment shall accompany all batches of cattle. 

Rule 49

a) ​Each consignment shall bear a label showing in bold red letter the name,address and telephone number (if any) of the consignor and consignee the number and types of cattle being transported and quantity of rations and food provided 

b) The consignee shall be informed about the train or vehicle in which the consignment of cattle is being sent and its arrival time in advance. 

Rule 50

​​The average space provided per cattle in Railway wagon or vehicle shall not be less than two square metres. ​

Rule 53

Cattle in advance stage of pregnancy shall not be mixed with young cattle in order to avoid stampede during transportation. ​

​​​Rule 54

​​​(1) Watering arrangements on route shall be made and sufficient quantities of water shall be carried for emergency. 

(2) Sufficient feed and fodder with adequate reserve shall be carried to last during ​​the journey.

Rule 56

When cattle are to be transported by goods vehicle the following precautions are to be taken.

(a)  Specially fitted goods vehicle with a special type of tail board and padding around the sides should be used.

(b)  Ordinary goods vehicles shall be provided with anti-slipping material, such as coir matting or wooden board on the floor and the superstructure, if low, should be raised.

(c)  no goods vehicle shall carry more than six cattle;

(d)  each goods vehicle shall be provided with one attendant,

(e)  while transporting the cattle, the goods vehicle shall not be loaded with any other merchandise; and

(f)  to prevent cattle being frightened or injured, they should preferably face the Engine ​​

Q6 ​​What are the powers that a police man can exercise when he see the cruelty being done on animals?

A) Section 34 of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 provides the general power of seizure for examination to the police officer above the rank of constable. If the police officer comes to know about an offence against commission of any offence under PCA Act has been committed or is been committed on any animal, he can seize the animal and produce the same for examination by the nearest magistrate or by the Veterinary Officer. Whether it is the case of overloading of animals or beating of animal or any offences under this PCA Act, the police have the power to seize the animals and send them to infirmaries for the treatment and care of animals. This is provided under Section 35 of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Section 35 states that the animals are to be detained and have to be produced before the magistrate. Animals are to be treated and cared for in an infirmary, until they are fit for discharge. The animal sent for care and treatment to an infirmary cannot be released from such places unless the veterinary officer issues the certificate of its fitness for discharge. The cost of transporting the animal to an infirmary and its maintenance and treatment in an infirmary, has to be paid by the owner of the animal. ​​

Q 18) Are animal fairs where animals are traded, legal?

A) When the sale takes place this fair is normally meant for farmers. However, in recent years they have become exclusively devoted for providing animals to butchers. This is illegal. In order to prevent this from happening local administration should make sure that no trucks are allowed near the fair and that no cattle is put inside trucks and no buyer can buy more than two animals. The Municipality has a special role to play in animal protection. The Local authority of the place where the ‘Haat’ or fair is he​ld should check that there is the proper maintenance of animals by their owners. The municipality must allocate sufficient funds for the proper cleaning, feeding, housing and treatment of these animals. The money earned from their auction and release, must be spent on the care of these animals. Wherever possible, it should involve local NGOs/AWO in the running of these Pounds. When cattle are auctioned, the buyer must specify for what purpose he is buying the animal and that should be verified to avert cow slaughter, which is a criminal offence. ​

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