Mar 06
Dreaming about Chilakaluripet Railway Line Project


Every general election Chialakluripet railway line is a topic for the all political leaders. As of now, all Parliament candidates promised, even in the recent elections, Mr.Rayapati Samba Siva Rao promised to bring the railway project.

Whenever there is a Railway budget in the Parliament, all Chilakaluripet citizens waiting for the sweet news.

We hope Honorable Parliament Memebr Mr.Rayapati Samba Siva Rao will fulfill our dreams in the next 4 years.

Feb 27
Construction of Guest House at Chilakaluripet

​Thanks to Hon'ble Minister Shri. Prathipati Pulla Rao

Panchayat Raj & Rural Development Department – Sanction of amount 120 (​​Rs.inlakhs) for Construction of Guest House at Chilakaluripet.

Feb 25
Earthquake in Chilakaluripet


The waveform of the earthquake which occurred on Wednesday at a location south of Chilakaluripet in Guntur District. The earthquake occurred at a depth of 13 k.m. and its magnitude was 4.0 Photo: By Arrangement.

The earthquake that rocked parts of Prakasam and Guntur Andhra Pradesh in the early hours of Wednesday was caused by the plate motion stress and resulted in six small aftershocks subsequently, according to Srinagesh, seismologist at the CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) here.

The NGRI observatory and 16 seismic stations across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana recorded the "tectonic earthquake", which was of magnitude four on the Richter Scale. He, however, said that there was no cause for concern and the aftershocks were tapering off.

The epicentre of the earthquake was 20 k.m. south of Chilkaluripeta in Guntur District. He said that the region was moderately active seismically with small magnitude earthquakes. An earthquake of 4.1 magnitude had occurred in the same vicinity in 1996. A number of smaller tremors were recorded in the region over a period of time, he added.

Another seismologist, R. K. Chadha, said it was part of Stable Continental Region (SCR) earthquake. Prakasam was one such area which has been witnessing small tremors.

Feb 16
MLC candidate A.S.Ramakrishna


Nov 23
Hyderabad High Court rejects plea against roads

Dismissing a petition by TD MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, former MP V. Bala Shouri and three others against the alignment of the Chilakaluripet by-pass road and the widening of NH5 at Chilakaluripet, the Hyderabad HC held that laying a road and its alignment were the domain of experts and no one can question it.

CJ Kalyan Jyoti Sengupta and Justice P.V. Sanjay Kumar dismissed the petition challenging the rejection of representations seeking a change in the alignment of the by-pass.

Rayapati Sambasiva Rao and Bala Shouri moved the petition in 2009 when they were Congress MPs.

The petitioners  had represented to the Centre requesting it to lay the by-pass road starting from Thimmapuram located 4 km north of Chilakal-uripet and joining NH 5 near Tatapudi  Road, about 5 km to the south of Chilakaluripet.

They urged the Centre not to widen the NH5 passing through Thimmapuram, Ganapa-varam and Chilakaluripet into a six-lane road as it would affect the public.

They contended that the authorities cannot reject his application on grounds of contractual complications when it goes against public interests.

The bench pointed out that there was no law that every representation made should be considered by the authorities and the petitioners have not been able to state under which law the relief has to be granted.

Holding that laying a road or changing its alignment is the prerogative of experts the bench dismissed the petition. The court said that no one can question such a decision unless it is absolutely malafide.

Nov 11
N.T.R Sujala Scheme at Puruthothama Patnam


Hon'ble Agriculture minister Shri Prathipati Pulla Rao inaugurated N.T.R Sujala Scheme at Thota Naryanappa Park in 26th ward Purushothama Patnam.

This scheme is sponsored by the Thota Rama Chandra Prasad and Rajendra Prasad on behalf their parents Thota Bharathudu and Suseela Devi  as well as o Vidadala Lakshmi Narayana and Vayusutha.

Aug 14
Agriculture minister Prattipati Pulla Rao


Jun 11
Check-dam on Ogeru Vagu in Purushothama Patnam

We can have one meter hight of "Check-dam" in purushothama patnam.

  1. The check dams retain excess water flow during monsoon rains in a small catchment area behind the structure.
  2. Pressure created in the catchment area helps force the impounded water into the ground.
  3. The major environmental benefit is the replenishment of nearby groundwater reserves and wells.
  4. The water entrapped by the dam, surface and subsurface, is primarily intended for use in irrigation during the monsoon and later during the dry season, but can also be used for livestock and domestic needs.
  5. Help to increase soil moisture and vegetation; reducing erosion; and possibly reducing damage from flash floods.
  6. The first is to provide direct irrigation when rains fail and the second is to facilitate the recharging of surrounding wells through percolation of water from check dams.
  7.  Additionally they also provide water for other purposes such as bathing, washing clothes, and drinking water for animals.
Jun 09
Shri Pattipati Pulla Rao sworn as a minister of Andhra Pradesh


Jun 04
Are you proud to tell your bith place is as a 'Chilakaluripet'?

​1.What is the original name before name of 'Chilakaluripet'?

2.Is there any student from chilakaluripet can able tell her home town name?

3.Why every one laughs when they hear our home town is Chilakaluripet?

4.Why do we hide our own identity?

5.What is the solution? Can we go back to our town original name "Purushothama Patnam"?

6.Who can or will change the name?​

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